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Some questions about active directory's users importation

Question asked by inspiron82 on May 21, 2009
Latest reply on May 29, 2009 by _sax
i have to import all users and groups of Active Directory in Alfresco, and to periodically synch Alfresco' users and groups with AD's one.

Alfresco war 3c
JVM 1.5
OS: Solaris 10

I'm very confused 'cause i read a lot of guide, wiki, forum and so on, but i can't understand if i ahve to use ntml,cifs,ldap,chaining….
For the moment I configured NTLM, and i can connect to Alfresco with username and password of people that are in AD.
But now i have to import ALL AD's users and groups in Alfresco. I have to support SSO, but it's ok for the moment with NTLM, and in future we'll use SSL.
Can you suggest me which tecnique is the best for my purpose and some guides relating to it?
I have to finish this project ASAP.
If u nedd some other info, u have just to ask.

Thank you in advance