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CIFS problem

Question asked by massi on May 24, 2009
Hi all,
i did a little search in the forum, and i found someone having my problem, but no solutions.
I've just installed a new alfresco labs, as a war application in an existing environment.
Alfresco is working, oo also, imagemagick, swf tools..
i copied dll files to sys32 and FROM THE SERVER cifs is perfectly working. i can access using admin or any other user.
from remote clients, instead, i can ping the alfresco cifs server, with nbtstat-a is all right, and autentication is required
i cannot get autenticated :( it goes on asking for username..

the server is a 2003R2
clients tested are a Vista SP1 and a Seven

is there any setting for users to allow remote logon?

Thank you!

PS: another little question: to i nstall WCM module in a setup like mine, is always necessary a virtual server to launch manally after tomcat and alfresco are up? very bad -_-