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Question asked by miltondm on May 25, 2009
Hi, i work with the sample site of Alfresco. A JSP page generate a list with the HTML's in the folder media\releases\content. I need sort the list by date. This is the JSP code , please help me, thanks.  :D

<c:forEach items="${pr:getPressReleases(pageContext)}" var="pressRelease" begin="0" end="100">
                      <h2 class="headline">
                        <jsp:element name="a">
                          <jsp:attribute name="href">
                            <c:out value="${pressRelease.href}"/>
                            <c:out value="${pressRelease.title}"/>
                      <p class="date">
                        <fmt:formatDate value="${pressRelease.launchDate}" dateStyle="long"/>
                      <p class="abstract">
                        <c:out value="${pressRelease.abstract}"/>