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Webscripts for creating content and non-UI code?

Question asked by phani_av on May 26, 2009
Latest reply on May 27, 2009 by zaizi

I'm working on developing a framework that interacts with Alfresco repository and creates, searches, fetches and updates content.
My requirement asks me to create a framework that DOES NOT have a UI at all. All it does is expose some methods or hooks using which other third party application can call my API, which in turn do the above operations on Alfresco repository. It does need to be able to use the category, space creation and other default Alfresco features.
Are Web Scripts a better fit for this situation than the Web Service/Java API?

I did go through the Web Scripts wiki, but wasn't sure if this works out well as I'm given an impression that Web Scripts/Freemarker is a good fit only if one wants to expose a UI with their application or provide a rich UI.
Any thoughts and contradictions would really be helpful.
I'm on Alfresco 3.0

Thanks again,