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broken Dutch lucene analyzer?

Question asked by skuro on May 27, 2009
Hi folks,

I had some weird issues with lucene queries after installing the Dutch language pack on a (slightly customized) Alfresco Labs v3.1. As usual, I've updated my web-client-config-custom.xml to include the new locale (nl_NL), and I've added the localized .properties file. The localized web client then showed up fine with all the Dutch labels shining on my monitor. But then, even simple lucene queries like @cm\:name:"whatever" stopped working.

The only (horrible) solution I could come up with was to rename the locale to "du_NL", renaming the .properties file accordingly, and then I've both the localized labels and the lucene queries working. Thus my guess is that the lucene analyzer is somehow broken or misconfigured, or there's something similarly evil going on anyway.

Could you guys help me to find a cleaner solution to this?