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Preview Website results in 404

Question asked by ibigfoot on May 28, 2009
Latest reply on May 29, 2009 by janv
Hi All,

Have installed the Stable Alfresco 3 on a Windows XP machine (sp3)

I created a new web project and bulk imported the alfresco example war file that is part of the distribution.

When browsing the project i see content etc etc.

When going to preview the website i get 404 errors.  This is what I have discovered.

The preview link that is returning 404 errors is

From the server where alfresco is installed, the is available (as well as locally) - responds to ping.
If I remove the alfrescoexample.www–sandbox. sub domain entry from the URL i see the tomcat welcome page of the virtual server (expected i guess)

In the virtual server there seems to be no extra deployed web applications (should the example alfresco web application be deployed??)

Can anyone help here ?