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Update Language pack for Alfresco Share

Question asked by zenobiusz on May 28, 2009
Latest reply on May 29, 2009 by zenobiusz

I installed Swedish Language Pack for Alfresco Share. I did everything like it is in readme_LABS.txt.
"* Installation Share *
1. Stop your Alfresco application server.
2. Create a subdirectory to you Alfresci install directory called amps_share.
3. Drop the share_3d_labs_sv_SE.amp into the amps_share subdirectory.
4. Copy (or.bat) to you Alfresco install directory.
5. Run the or apply_amps_sahre.bat file to install the
   Swedish translation module.
6. Start you Alfresco application server."

But when I did some changes in translation and I put to amps_share subdirectory new version of share_3d_labs_sv_SE.amp and I ran nothing was changed. In file I changed 'module.version' on biger one but it doesn't work.

The file looks like:
"# Swedish translation of Share module properties
#Labs numbering u.v.x.y.z
#y=ordinal number for character release, z=number release for that character release
module.title=Share Swedish
module.description=Swedish Translation of Share

# The following optional properties can be used to prevent the module from being added
# to inappropriate versions of the WAR file.

Do you have any idea how to update language pack or where I made mistake?

Thanks for any help,