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pooled workflows

Question asked by giorgio on May 28, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2009 by giorgio
Hello, can someone explain the comportamiendo workflows type of pool? namely the step of taking possession of the workflow, I mean, this is what I understand but apparently not:

Creates a workflow type pooled into a group of users previously created, this is achieved, the task appears in the pooled tasks for each user belonging to this group, and manage to enter the task they are given the option taking up the task, then at that moment what I understand, if not corrected me so, the task disappears from the pooled TAKS for all users in the group, and now appear in the task to do, do who took, what I interpret as that goes, is hiding or is eliminated or becomes the task, and now become an established and Trea Review and Aprova type, but it seems that this is not entirely true, as if it were really so, to approve or reject this new task, ejcutarian my custom code we have defined in such workflows, not executed. I do not know if it has become clear, I hope someone can help me, thanks in advance