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Basic Web Script Creation question

Question asked by kr1stof on May 28, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2009 by lista

I am working myself through the Alfresco developer guide, and I tried to create my hello world web script according to the book, but I really found a blocker:

The Developer Guide says "Navigate to |Company Home|Data Dictionary|Web Scripts Extensions".
Now the problem is that I don't have such a space in the Data Dictionary, and when I try to create one, it automatically adds it to the Space Templates space. I also tried to use the Scripts space, but my web script wasn't found.

I am using Alfresco Labs 3.2 Preview, but I also tried 3.1 stable. I don't know what version the Dev guide was written for, but it doesn't seem actual right now.

Any help would be appreciated.