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Alfresco+BEA Aqualogic(Oracle) BPM Suite Integration.

Question asked by dynamolalit on May 29, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2017 by madisonquinn

I am new to Alfresco & my project requires integration of BEA Aqualogic(Oracle) BPM Suite on Alfresco Content Management suite so that i can be able to deploy advanced workflows into Alfresco using it.I am searching about it on Web but could not find much information.I have also got to know that Alfresco does not support BEA WebLogic server deployment.
                 Is it that Alfresco does not support  BEA Aqua logic(Oracle) BPM Suite integration also??If no,anybody can please help me from where to start integrating BEA Aqua logic(Oracle) BPM Suite with Alfresco.I need this on urgent basis.

Alfresco Forum Owners,please answer to my query.

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