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Wordperfect X4 and Versioning not compatible?

Question asked by thadguidry on May 30, 2009
I recently installed 3.1 final.
Setup versioning aspect rule for inbound and update.
Used Wordperfect X4 with CIFS view of repository to create & save a new document. (In JSF view, version history shows 1.0)
With Windows Explorer I drill down to the document, double-click to open it in Wordperfect.
Make a minor change, use Save (disk icon) and Wordperfect asks if I want to replace the file?  Say Yes.
In JSF view, version history shows 1.0.  Looking at date modified shows it was updated.

Question:  Did Wordperfect X4 explicitly delete the file first, then replace it ? (Effectively doing a CRUD DELETE rather than UPDATE?)  MS Word 2000 performing the same operations changed the version history to 1.1