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New Alfresco version old mysql Schema

Question asked by fbehfar on Jun 1, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2009 by fbehfar
I have changed my Alfresco version from AlfrescoCommunity-2.9.0dev to Alfresco-Labs-3Stable .
I have backup my alf_data folder and also my mysql schema. then I installed the new version and I created a new schema in mysql and restore the backup into the new schema, that I have created in alfresco configuration, and copy the alf_data into the new alfresco version. BUT I got error!
my question is, how can I use the new version with the same old schema! where is this configuration file, in which I can change the schema name to the old one!
any other suggestion with this case would be appriciated!

thank you in advanced,