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Running Tasks Automatically and periodically

Question asked by jlabuelo on Jun 2, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2009 by _sax
Good Morning all

I have a question and hope that someone can help us here. We know that when a node is deleted in Alfresco, it remains in a temporary "space" so it can be recovered if needed, or another cause could be if it has been deleted by mistake.

After 3 months using Alfresco we have now 4 GB in that temporary space. Is there any way to configure Alfresco so this space is cleaned out once a week, so it does not affect  the Backup processes. I mean we assume that when we run a backup, these space is also backed up, which is consuming disk space that we need.

Any ideas of how we can configure this to delete this "removed" nodes once a week at a specific time, or the only way is manually?

Thanks a lot in advane