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Serving binary content with webscripts in Alfresco 2.2

Question asked by unmeshjoshi on Jun 2, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2009 by mrogers

We are using alfresco as web content management system. Content editors create HTML content in alfresco. But we are not using alfresco to serve the web content to the user. We have a J2EE app in front of alfresco which forwards user requests  to alfresco to get the content using REST API (implemeted using webscripts in Alfresco) and then serve it to the user.
We are facing issues with binary content like images. HTML content in alfresco has relative paths for images. Because browser requests are served by a J2EE app and not by alfresco, we need package all the images from alfresco in WAR file. Is there any way to get binary content from alfresco? We see support for content streaming in alfresco version 3.0 onwards. Is there a way it can be achieved in version 2.2?

We are thinking of having a servlet to handle all the image requests from browser. Then fetch the image from alfresco ( by using something like content streaming web script in alfresco), and serve it to the browser.
Have anyone used alfresco in this way?