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Simple Work Flow - Email notification to documents owner

Question asked by lordlaw on Jun 2, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2009 by cheffilet

i had try the simple work flow from the manual.
it did a great job and i able to make it works.

but i want to have a features to be implemented in that flow.
currently is that, the content rule can be set in a particular space to send email to notify some users about the changes happen in the space. which is constantly notify the same person whenever a document come into the space. like what had been show in the simple work flow example.

what i mean here is, i want a email notification to the document owner.
for example, A1 had submitted a document to space A, an email had been sent to notify B1 about new document come into space A, then B1 approve the document. start from here, i cannot find a way to notify A1 about his document been approved. i cannot apply the email rules into the space because there will be C1, D1 etc to submit the document to be approved.

i found a similiar post

any idea to implement this currently ??