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Alfresco in my desktop

Question asked by christophe.landrin on Jun 2, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2009 by christophe.landrin

I use Alfresco 3.1 with CIFS edit by default

I would like open the right tools when I edit a file.

By example : Open Word 2003 when my file has a ".doc" extension.

In windows explorer, I change parameters for extension ".doc" and ".xls" and it's work fine.

I've got a problem with powerpoint. When i clik on "edit online", my powerpoint file is open in "diaporama" mode, not in edit.

It's very strange cause, If i click on the file's url in web explorer, only to see it, it opens in powerpoint.

So, I ask me what's the difference between file url and action "edit online".

I hope somebody can explain this ?

Best Regards