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How does Alfresco translate to FileNet functionality?

Question asked by omermx on Jun 2, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2009 by omermx
Hi all, I have recently downloaded the latest version of Alfresco labs and am keen to develop a proof of concept for an application. I was hoping to get some quick answers without spending too much time trawling through documention!  :)

1. Does Alfresco support custom document types like in FileNet. For example I want to create a custom document type that will hold a customer record, it might just be a meta-data file without any attachments or it might be a custom folder type that holds documents relating to a customer. In FileNet for example I would use Enterprise Manager to define custom document/folder types and then use them later on. How do I create something like this in alfresco?

2. I like the flexability that is offered by web studio - would it allow me to create a site with forms that users can input details and then submit - resulting in a record being created in alfresco, perhaps as the custom type discussed above. In FileNet for example, I would use forms builder to create a form and then expose it in Workplace so that users could enter details and submit the form. Any ideas how this could be done in Alfresco?

This is pretty fundamental stuff, but any suggestions around how I can get my app off the ground would be welcome.