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Document sharing, by direct download or mail attachment?

Question asked by paboee on Jun 3, 2009
Created this topic under Users/Documentation, but copying it here as this page seems more alive.  :wink:


Have previously used a program called docMGR in my company, but has been advised to change to Alfresco by some colleagues.
Am now reviewing it and am seriously considering implementing it as it has many strong and well laid out solutions.

The main drawback I see here is document sharing to external parties.
F.ex. in the old program I used there was an E-mail icon under Actions, by which clicking gave me the option of adding the file/content as an attachment to an e-mail or sending the receiver a direct link to this file alone. By doing the latter, we can share very large files by the click of a button, and we can even add time restraints. This is a very important option for us, as we need to be able to share files as easy as possible, can be both very large files such as final documentation to a project or small files such as a drawing etc.

Do Alfresco have any possibilities such as these. Used yesterday to try the program, and will continue today, however did not see any clear options.
Perhaps a plugin?

Hope to receive some answers.

with kind regards
Petter Boe (new user)