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Next Alfresco sessions and brand new official courses

Question asked by karen.componize on Jun 3, 2009

Some news and major updates from Alfresco trainings side :

First of all, a brand new training course called « Advanced Workflows » will be held on June '09 24th – 25th in Paris. This training is completely dedicated to the use of jBPM in Alfresco. It will enable the design, development, and deployment of custom workflows that perfectly meet your organization or customer business needs.

Then the famous « Intensive Alfresco for Development training » has been completely updated and now offers all Alfresco 3.1 specificities! This course enables – without any prerequisite knowledge and in only 5 days time – to become a real Alfresco developer. It synthesizes 3 Alfresco major courses and offers the « API Developer » certification.
The next Intensive session is planned in Brussels on June '09 29th for 5 days time. Seats are limited!

Find all trainings details and sign-up online by clicking on the following link: