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Easy sharing from Alfresco to external users.

Question asked by paboee on Jun 3, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2009 by oneporter
Being a Project Manager in an engineering company, we handle documents from the very small to very large, 50-100Mb.
For us to handle documents internally, Alfresco will easily cover our needs, however for us to implement this, we need two additional features.

1. Easy access to directly e-mail a document from the action menu.
This will be used multiple times daily for small documents. Fast way to do it without saving the file on the desktop, and adding it from there.

2. Possibility to create a link (via e-mail) to a document with an accompanying password.
This would be used for all large files (over 10Mb), as these are not easily received by most larger companies.
When received by external party, they click the link within our Alfresco, insert the password, and can download the document, and only the one document.
An additonal feature I have seen is to keep the link accessible within a set/given time. (5 days, 1 month etc.)

Both could be accessed in Actions many after the content/document, and a tick off on which to be used.

Is anything like this already implemented by any users?
And, not being a programmer myself, is it a possible plugin for Alfresco? If so, who can do it?

with kind regards