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automatic file/folder checkin?

Question asked by ashb on Jun 4, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2009 by ashb
I'm an Alfresco newbie running Labs 3 on Ubuntu but will be supporting many Windows users and will be including/checking-in file and folder structures already existing on Windows systems.

My question is this: Can Alfresco (out-of-the-box) be pointed at an existing Windows file/folder structure and parse it's contents generating a document repository automatically?  We have thousands of documents that we'd like to index in Alfresco and it's not practical for us to manually check each document in.

Again, I'm new to Alfresco so I apologize if there is an obvious solution for this that I've not yet found.

Any help or direction provided would be greatly appreciated.  Also, any links to further Alfresco documentation outlining this or related processes would be extremely helpful.