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Looking for a contractor- Java dev. w/ Alfresco WCM in MA

Question asked by keverett on Jun 4, 2009
I am looking for a Java Developer with Alfresco WCM experience for a 3 month contract (with possibility of extenstion) in Waltham, MA. If you are interested or know anyone who is please email me at In-person interview is required.

Java Developer
3+ months
Waltham, MA

- Experience with 1 large-scale implementation from concept to production within Alfresco.
- Experience with the Alfresco 3.x platform. Experience with 2.x is also preferred.
- Ability to define content types, workflows and security models
- Knowledge of web content management repositories
- Experience developing Web-Scripts that access/manipulate content within Alfresco repositories
- Should have a good understanding of web services technologies (SOAP, WSDL) and Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA)