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Managing CAD Drawings

Question asked by iantidy on Jun 4, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2010 by knixon
We use Bentley MicroStation for our CAD drawings and we want to store and manage the drawings in the Alfresco CIFS share.  We have applied automatic versioning to Alfresco, and this is where the problem starts.  MicroStation writes changes to it DGN (the drawing file) with every change in the document.  With our current configuration of Alfresco a new version of the file is created with every change (so if you draw three lines in the CAD file, you get three versions in Alfresco).

We have looked at the whole checkin/checkout process, but at this stage we want to put something in place that the users don't notice.  And we can do this by mapping their standard network drives to the CIFS share.

Is there a way that we can still have the versioning applied globally, but periodically create new versions of the DGN files (instead of every change)?  Basically the same as "Shadow Copy" does on a MS Windows Server. 

This would be a similar problem for database files (eg. MS Access).