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How to store big matrix weekly

Question asked by zomurn on Jun 6, 2009

I'am working on alfresco statistics. I need to record 5 figures but for each person and each service…what makes a matrix of more than 2000 entries.
This "report" need to be generated weekly.
I'am going to use alfresco nodes to store a part of the matrix (creation of ~380 nodes) and next entries will be calculates by processor.
This method to operate the matrix (semi stored and semi processed) is quite feasible.
The problem comes when I need to do this weekly…to keep trace of it, to historize the matrix.

I was thinking about serializing the matrix into an excel spreadsheet, but query the content of the matrix (via filters dropdown list box) is impossible if stored in plain text (= in excel sheet)

Can you help me.