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How to choose CIFS Authenticator in Preview 3.2

Question asked by mark.hanson on Jun 7, 2009
I have gotten 'Alfresco' CIFS authentication to work using Preview 3.2 (build on the Alfreso source from a couple days ago) and are now trying to get NTLM and Passthru authentication to work.

In the authentication-services-context.xml file below we see the bean 'CifsAuthenticator' referencing another bean 'cifsAuthenticator'.  However when I look for the bean 'cifsAuthenticator' I see it declared in alfresco-authentication-context.xml, passthru-authentication-context.xml.  I am trying to determine how to switch between authentication approaches but am not seeing a property or tag that would do this since the beans are all named 'cifsAuthenticator'.  I realize that this code is in process so that may be part of the issue, but would appreciate any help being pointed in the right direction on how to select different CIFS authentication mechanisms.


<bean id="CifsAuthenticator" class="">
      <property name="applicationContextManager">
         <ref bean="Authentication" />
      <property name="sourceBeanName">
      <property name="interfaces">