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Disable checkin permission for owner

Question asked by ruudwinter on Jun 8, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2009 by benw
I have 2 users with roles Collaborator.
The first user creates a file.
The second user checks out the file.
The first user can still undo the checkout, which is not desirable, how could I prevent that?

I tried to skip the rights of "owners", but it did not help:

<globalPermission permission="FullControl" authority="ROLE_ADMINISTRATOR"/>
<!– <globalPermission permission="FullControl" authority="ROLE_OWNER"/> –>
<globalPermission permission="Unlock" authority="ROLE_LOCK_OWNER"/>
<globalPermission permission="CheckIn" authority="ROLE_LOCK_OWNER"/>
<globalPermission permission="CancelCheckOut" authority="ROLE_LOCK_OWNER"/>