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how to activate the webscripts

Question asked by mialfresco on Jun 8, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2009 by mialfresco
Hi friends,
I'm using alfresco labs 3.0 stable version.
I installed this, and seen the folder named templates under Alfresco_Home/…/alfresco.
Here i'm seeing lot of webscripts like myimages,calendar,mydocuments etc.
But when i try to configure the webscript calendar in my dashboard, i'm not finding this webscript.
I think these are not activated. So please tell me how to activate these webscripts.

And i want to see the scriptlet code for "Browse Spaces" dashlet.
I want to change the name from "My Alfresco" to "dashboard" appeared in the top of the page.
Can anyone guide me on this?

Thanks in advance.,.
Alfresco Newbie.