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Unable to create translations online

Question asked by rob2020 on Jun 8, 2009

I'm creating simple HTML documents via the "Create Content" menu item in Labs 3.0.

If I then make the document multi-lingual there doesn't seem to be any option to create a translation without uploading it.  I'd like to use the WISYWIG editor to create the translations online just as I do for the English version. The "Edit Online" icon is missing for the translation if if do a "Add translation without content".

I've tried switching profile to another content language but still no joy.

Is there a way to enable online editing ("WISYWIG") creation of translations?    Is it normal for it not to be enabled?



update:  Just realised that if I upload a translation first, I can then use online editing.  It would be a much nicer workflow if I could create the translation from scratch online as I do for the first version of the document (English in my case).  Any ideas?