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RuntimeExec transformer woes

Question asked by manders on Jun 9, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2009 by nowhere
I've defined a RuntimeExec transformer that converts a .wmv to .flv using ffmpeg. It seems to execute fine but then dies with Exit Code 1.

10:55:45,040 User:admin DEBUG [content.transform.ContentTransformerRegistry] Searched for transformer:
   source mimetype: video/x-ms-wmv
   target mimetype: video/x-flv
   transformers: [RuntimeExecutableContentTransformer[ transform=RuntimeExec:
   command:    ffmpeg -i '${source}' -vcodec flv -ar 44100 -ab 32 -b 800k '${target}'
   env props:  null
   dir:        null
   os:         Linux

10:55:45,197 User:admin DEBUG [util.exec.RuntimeExec] Execution result:
   os:         Linux
   command:    [ffmpeg, -i '/opt/Alfresco/tomcat/temp/Alfresco/RuntimeExecutableContentTransformer_source_730142860692261929.wmv', -vcodec flv, -ar 44100, -ab 32, -b 800k, '/opt/Alfresco/tomcat/temp/Alfresco/RuntimeExecutableContentTransformer_target_3588279390070062814.flv']
   succeeded:  true
   exit code:  1
   err:        FFmpeg version SVN-rUNKNOWN, Copyright © 2000-2007 Fabrice Bellard, et al.
  configuration: –prefix=/usr –libdir=/usr/lib –mandir=/usr/share/man –incdir=/usr/include/ffmpeg –enable-libmp3lame –enable-libogg –enable-libvorbis –enable-libogg

After the transformer has completed, the temporary target file (RuntimeExecutableContentTransformer_target_3588279390070062814.flv) exists but is 0kb large. A converted file has also been created, <video>.flv, but is similarly 0kb large.

When I take the same command and execute it on the command line (removing the commas between parameters) it works fine.

What might I be doing wrong? Is there a way to extend what is being reported in the 'err' output by log4j so I can actually see the whole ffmpeg output, rather than just the first two lines of version information?