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Poor performance when dealing with complex spaces

Question asked by darioruizlopez on Jun 10, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2010 by darioruizlopez

I have created a complex space template. It consist of a space which contains around 20 subspaces, with simple workflows, permissions and email sending rules associated to it. There are also some script rules which run almost instantly when I debug them. And there are not any files inside the template

The space template works correctly. I am able to dynamically create new spaces from my template, and they retain correctly the workflows, permissions and other rules. The problem is that creating or deleting a single one of this spaces takes among 20 - 45 minutes, even with no files inside them. I have the same problem both running Alfresco on two XP installations and a Linux installations

Is this normal? May I be doing something wrong which might significantly slow down Alfresco?

thank you very much