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Programming Alfresco - What API(s) to use?

Question asked by mwildam on Jun 10, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2009 by mwildam
Hi folks,

I find it overwhelming, what different APIs exist that could be used to programmatically work against the Alfresco repository.

I do see SOAP services, RESTful APIs, JCR API, …

I wandered through the forum and searched for topics regarding those APIs and it seems to me that each of the APIs is somehow complicated or incomplete - that's my impression so far.

In there are no recommendations given.

Let's say I want to programmatically import some documents to Alfresco and also make a search and export the matching documents - things like that for example. Then I would think of a check-out and check-in. I must assume that I am probably on a different machine with my program - What APIs should I use? Must one of the remote API's in such cases, isn't it?

What about uploading large files? I suppose using SOAP with big files would be a shot in the head because of the XML encoding, isn't it?

What are using the others and what API's will be maintained in the future?

Please help.