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Alfresco3.1 Authentication Integeration

Question asked by lelejill on Jun 12, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2011 by vignesh.sabapathi

I am new to alfresco and I faced problems in Alfresco authentication integeration.  What I want to do is using authentication implementation developed by myself

based on JSecurity instead of default  authentication  implement of Alfresco. But I am not sure where and how to config the implementation to replace the default one.

I just saw some configuration in authentication-services-context.xml,  and got some information from wiki:

The authentiation service brings together three components:

    * the authentication component;
    * the authentication DAO; and
    * the ticket component.

The authentication component supports authentication only. The authentication DAO provides an API to create, delete and update authentication information. The ticket component is resposible for managing and storing tickets that may be obtained after authentication and used in place of authentication.

If you over-ride the authentication component you should also over-ride the DAO and will almost always use the DefaultMutableAuthenticationDao.

Should I add implementation for and and reuse DefaultMutableAuthenticationDao?

I do a search in this forums to find Alfresco Integration with some authentication project like: OpenSSO,  CAS  or Liferay,  but can not find meterials about how to config authentication mechanism for special implementation and requirement. 

Can anyone here give me some help on this?  Thanks