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Alfresco Share Wiki Editor

Question asked by jonathanschultz on Jun 12, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2009 by norgan
I have searched the forums and not found a definitive answer to my question.  Apologies if this is a repeated question.

How would one change the way that the Wiki Editor in Alfresco Share handles input. 

I am noticing, for instance, that bold simply does not work, external links kind of work - the anchor end tags seem to end at the document, and not the end of the selected text resulting in everything from the external link to the end of the document becoming a link - maybe 30% of the time.  When I look at the html added to the wiki entries in an external editor it does not seem sensible for the simple formatting I am trying employ.  What would be ideal is allowing the editor to edit both text and tags, rather than *trying* and mostly failing at guessing what format is to be applied.  Is there a way to use the editor in a code view instead of a WYSIWYG mode.

Hopefully the above makes sense.


Jonathan Schultz