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End User Start Page

Question asked by joaotpd on Jun 15, 2009
Hi all! :)

I'm using alfresco-labs-tomcat-3Stable under unix…
When a person writes, for the first time, the URL to access Alfresco (http://mydomain:8080/alfresco/) it goes, by default, to the "Getting Started" page…
I want that the users go to the Login page instead of "Getting Started" page…
I've already tried to build a new dashlet:

   <dashlet id="mylogin" label="My Login Page" description="Show the Login Page" jsp="/jsp/login.jsp" />
and then add it to the default dashlets and comment all the others:

   <dashlet id="mylogin" />
   <dashlet id="getting-started" />
   <dashlet id="tasks-todo" />
but wont work!! … Any ideas to make the login page the default start page?! …
Thanks! …

João Duarte