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shows status documents and no version documents

Question asked by thomasleonard on Jun 16, 2009
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With the Share interface,  I Have created a new site, and I put a document in the document library ,and I See version 1.0

1-In Web client User interface,  when I consult the document properties or the "Version History",  I do not see the version property.
I want to see version property in the web client "properties" information or in "version history" , Site : How is it possible ?

2-In the Demo of Alfresco , the status of the document is in the  document properties : I dont see it in the web client document properties or in the Share document metdata .
How can I  do , to see the status of the document  : in the "web client" or in "share",  "document library",  "metadata" ?

Because of those problème,  I cannot use Alfresco.
Thank you for your answer