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Enforce no duplicates on an aspect property

Question asked by rob2020 on Jun 18, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2009 by rob2020

I have defined a custom content type of "product" which has a mandatory custom aspect of "sku" ie SKU being the product identifer and the primary key of a product.

I'd like to ensure that this SKU aspect is unique across that content type (product) ie no duplicate product documents are allowed in.

I thought I should be using an aspect because other document types also have sku such as "product images" and "product articles".  These types are allowed to have many documents with the same SKU (they are in fact child assocations of the "product" document which is effectively the golden source of our existing products)

Is it possible to enforce a no duplicate aspect (sku) on just this document type whilst not for other document types?    I've seen use of <duplicates> tag on  child associations but haven't found it in the context of an aspect.