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Open documents with SharePoint protocol?

Question asked by fo1337 on Jun 18, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2009 by fo1337
So I have installed support for SharePoint and it works pretty well, as far as opening documents from Word (File > Open and then I use the URL of my Alfresco instance).

But this is not really what I'm looking for: in SharePoint, you can click a document in the library and it opens that document in Word with the Shared Workspace panel on the right, showing connected users and other information. When this pane is present, it automatically saves the changes back to the library, no need to re-upload the document. It's very convenient and direct.

In Alfresco, when I click a document, it opens Word but no link seems to be established with the library, as the Shared Workspace pane is not present. This is confirmed when manually opening the pane (Tools > Shared Workspace…), no information is displayed in there. I've tested opening documents both in Alfresco Explorer and Share, and both have the same issue.

Is this expected, or is this an issue on my part?

Thank you.