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display a custom content type?

Question asked by mbailen on Jun 19, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2009 by jpotts

I am unable to display the name of a custom content type (custom:mosaic) when listing a document's properties.  I have found examples that allow me to show the mime type, size, and various custom properties.  What show-property line would I need?  Here is a section of code that I tried in my web-client-config-custom.xml (the "type" line fails):

   <config evaluator="node-type" condition="custom:mosaic" >
         <show-property name="type" display-label-id="type" show-in-edit-mode="false" />
         <show-property name="size" display-label-id="size" converter="org.alfresco.faces.ByteSizeConverter" show-in-edit-mode="false" />
         <show-property name="mimetype" display-label-id="mimetype" converter="org.alfresco.faces.MimeTypeConverter" show-in-edit-mode="false" />

Should be simple, right?