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Uploading unusually large files into Alfresco

Question asked by phani_av on Jun 21, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2009 by phani_av

My requirement is to upload unusually large files ( > 500MB) into Alfresco repository programatically, and I wanted to know the best way and some sample code around this.

I've tried the Webservices repository APIs, and they miserably fail for any file more than 10-12 MB.
My upload client sits on one machine, and the Alfresco server/repository sit on another machine accessible over network.
I would really appreciate if someone can provide some sample code of how to do this effeciently using Alfresco. I know there could be other ways of doing it, but I'm completely clueless around it.

Thanks in advance for any input that you all can provide.