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create space which has mandatory properties

Question asked by ut_jorgeluna on Jun 22, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2009 by ut_jorgeluna
I am new to developing alfresco applications and am running into a problem which is described to an extent in this ticket:
I have basically created a new space type.  I am not able to use the advanced space wizard to create this space after adding mandatory properties since there is no place in this wizard for adding properties.  I would like to know if somebody could suggest an approach I could take for providing users of the alfresco explorer a way to create this space.  

-One option would be as described in the above jira ticket but that looks like functionality which is not going to be added to the client.
-Another option would be to create a new wizard maybe, or just a dialog to create this space.  I would like some suggestions on what the best practice would be in this instance. 

Thanks in advance.