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Creating Web Scripts with Java

Question asked by stargazers on Jun 23, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2009 by lista

I am now trying to follow tutorial
I am little confused about it.

It gives me Java source. Ok, that is good, but I don't understand WHERE I should save that?
And on the other hand, shouldn't I compile it? And should I add it using "create content" from Alfresco Web UI or do I just copy-paste it to text editor and move manually to file system in the correct folder?

Then, the part: "If you now take a look at the web-scripts-application-context.xml file, you’ll see how we register the SimpleWebScript with the Web Script engine.".

So, WHERE this file should be? Should I look it from my /opt/Alfresco and so on, or should it be editable using Alfresco Web UI, or what I have to do?

So shortly: How I should create java source (with text editor or with Alfresco Web UI?) and should I compile it. Also, how I have to search that XML-file, with Web UI or from file browser…

Hope somebody can help me with these beginners steps. :)