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Can't upload document to Share from Vista

Question asked by danovtx on Jun 23, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2009 by danovtx
Hi All,

I've set up Alfresco Share at my company so that we can hopefully collaborate between our offices on projects (that's what it's for, right..).  Anyway, I ran into a couple of issues in the document library with regard to uploading files.  I found quite a few posts for the flash problem, which I was having and resolved by just changing the code to use the HTML upload all the time. But there are 2 users here in the office that are running windows Vista (I'm running XP and everything is fine) and they are still unable to upload documents.  The 'New Folder' and 'Upload' buttons are simply disabled…  It's the same symptom that I had with the flash bug, but now I've completely disabled the flash upload part, and it works in IE8 and FF3 on WinXP, but neither browser seems to work for Vista…  Any help is greatly appreciated.