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PHP Library $session->save() errors out over SSL/encryption

Question asked by ofrxnz on Jun 24, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2013 by hr61369256
So, I am currently working on a PHP-based Alfresco upload applet. 

In a non-encrypted environment, the code at the end works great, over SSL, the $session->save(); command fails.  providing the following error

500 - socket_connect() failed. Reason: () The requested address is not valid in its context.

Hunting it down, when I use  both SSL and non-SSL connections I am able to use GET/retrieve statements to retrieve data such as $repository->authenticate($user, $password); $repository->createSession($_SESSION["ticket"]); $session->getNode($spacesStore,$nodeID); and $props =  $childNode->properties;

So, I seem to be able to retrieve any data I wish from the repository using the alfresco PHP API over SSL however, $session->save(); doesn't like SSL. 

The code I am using is posted below.  First, it sets up a session with the repo using a user-session ticket generated in another applet. It then pulls the children of the designated "drop box" node to see if a file with the same name exists.  I don't want people to update/delete/overwrite files at this point.  It successfully checks polls alfresco to run a file name comparison, then begins to setup the child.  This code works great over a non-encrypted connection but, over ssl, everything works till i call $session-save().

I am running a 1028 bit RSA ssl key over port 443 using a url like the following.  Alfresco is version "Version: Labs - v3.0.0 (Stable 1526)" this test box used the windows 3.0 full installer running on win 2k3 r2.  The php server is the current version of xampp with openssl enabled. 

   //get configuration paramaters
   $params = &JComponentHelper::getParams( 'com_alfrescodropbox' );
   $params->merge( &$row->params );
   $repoURL =  (string)$params->get( 'Server' );
   $nodeID = (string)$params->get( 'Node');

   //setup session
   $repository = new Repository($repoURL);
   $session = $repository->createSession($_SESSION["ticket"]);
   $spacesStore = new SpacesStore($session);
   //find target dropbox node
   $currentNode = null;
   $currentNode = $session->getNode($spacesStore,$nodeID);
     //check for file with existing name
   $children = $currentNode->children;
   foreach($children as $key=>$value){
      $broken = explode('/', $key);
      $childNode = $session->getNode($spacesStore,$broken[3]);
      $props =  $childNode->properties;
      if($props['{}name'] == $_FILES['uploadedfile']['name']){
         $updateError = 'We\'re sorry but, we currently do not allow users to update or delete files.  <br /> Please change the file\'s name or contact your Project Manager to remove older files';
         $this->setRedirect($link, $updateError, 'error');

   //create child
   $upload = $currentNode->createChild('cm_content', 'cm_contains', 'cm_'.$_FILES['uploadedfile']['name']);
   //prep file metadata/conetnt
   $pathFile = $_FILES['uploadedfile']['tmp_name'];
   $content_data = new ContentData($upload, $property, $mimetype, $encoding);
   $content_data->mimetype = $_FILES['uploadedfile']['type'];
   $content_data->encoding = "UTF-8";
   //prep upload packaege
   $upload->cm_content = $content_data;
   $upload->cm_name = $_FILES['uploadedfile']['name'];
   $fileName = (string)$upload->cm_name;
    //push data to alfresco
    catch (Exception $e) {
       JError::raiseError(500, $e->getMessage());