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Can Alfresco...organize documents by content?

Question asked by davidshq on Jun 24, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2009 by mrogers
I'm looking at Alfresco as a possible ECM solution. We are hoping to find one solution that will provide not only what is usually considered an ECM but also what are often considered sub-types of DAM and DMS. One feature that is a must have for us is the ability to scan a document in (via one of a number of enterprise-level, networking mult-function copiers) and have a rule in Alfresco that parses the document and assigns it to the correct "location" based on rules. My question is - I know Alfresco can do this if info. in the file name / file header specifies where it should go, but can it do it by scanning a PDF document?
Here is an illustration:
John from Accounting has a hundred invoices he needs to file.
- These invoices should all be placed in "Accounting" but then need to be sub-divided into specific groupings, e.g. "office supplies", "teacher aids", "consulting services".
- Each document has printed on it a specific ID number that correlates with a sub-grouping (e.g. "office supplies" is GP130264).
- John scans the documents in and they are processed by Alfresco rules. Alfresco checks each individual PDF for an ID number and places it in the correlating sub-grouping.
Now, throw one more variable into the mix (if Alfresco can accomplish this first task). Occasionally companies fail to put the correct number on a document, so John legibly handwrites the ID number onto the document. Will Alfresco still be able to process it?