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Synchronization questions

Question asked by jriker1 on Jun 25, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2009 by _sax
I have Synchronization kind of working in 3.2.  I say kind of because if I hard code a name in for the CN it works fine.  Problem and questions:

1. I have fields in AD ADAM for most of the fields in the user form.  Is there a way to add additional attributes to pull from AD/ADAM if I have them?  An example would be the location field in Alfresco I can map to a field in Adam.

2. Is there a way to limit the system to only pull users in a certain group?  Keep in mind I'm in ADAM so only have two branches, Users and Groups.  I have 70k people in my company so do not want to pull all users.

3. If I try pulling everyone, it pulls 1000 users only and eventually errors.  After that I get error 500's in the browser after trying to login with access denied.  It seems to ignore the default admin user in the ldap properties file.  I read of an issue with pulling more than 1000 records and it was fixed in 3.2 but perhaps not.  I know we can only pull 1000 records so not sure if this is a client limitation or a tool one.  After the 1000 I just get a lengthy error in the alfresco log file.

Input would be appreciated.