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PHP with Alfresco - THE BASICS

Question asked by rob2020 on Jun 25, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2009 by rob2020

I'd like to load a bunch of data into Alfresco via PHP (since the client I'm working with has PHP skills in house).

I'm a bit unclear of some really basic points so would really appreciate some pointers.

1. Where can I download the latest PHP API library?    (Have been going round in circles on the WIKI trying to find it. The download page where you can grab the Alfresco editions includes the php amp file which I've installed, but I haven't seen a library in there)

2. I've installed the PHP Integration amp file into my Alfresco repo.    Was this a necessary step to enable to interact with Alfresco from external PHP scripts?   Not 100% clear what this does.

3. How does the Alfresco integrated PHP engine work?  Does it have full PHP 5 functionality?  Is it recommended to use or is it better to go with PHP Web scripts hosted outside Alfresco.

Many thanks