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JS to check Metadata introduced

Question asked by mrey on Jun 25, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2009 by mrey
Good Afternoon all

I have a question about how to validate the metadata introduced and linked to a document. For example i have created a custom metadata type that I link to a kind of documents in a Space, then the documents travels in a easy approval workflow being in several spaces, but in the last one, the manager needs to check that all metadata linked to the document must be filled. As you can see I can not mark the metadata of this type as mandatory as it can be empty in some steps of the workflow, but need to check in the last step, that when the metadata is open and shown to the manager, and he approves the doc, something checks that all metadata fields are filled with information.

Any ideas or examples about how I can do this?

Thanks a lot guys!!