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New install trying to write data to DB 'ALFRESCO' uppercase

Question asked by andy_ukgrid on Jun 25, 2009

  Having had an install of Alfresco 2.9 running for over a year I have been attempting to install a new Alfresco server but have come across a problem that alfresco is trying to use a MySQL DB called "alfresco" and also a DB called "ALFRESCO" and is getting itself into a mess because of this.
I've had a good search for any info relating to this and can't seem to find any similar cases, does anyone have any idea what could be causing this?

Additional back ground info: A new install of Alfresco (3.1) wont start up correctly and won't create any tables in the MySQL DB "alfresco" except "alf_bootstrap_lock". However if I create an additional DB called "ALFRESCO" many tables are created in this DB (uppercase one) but startup still doesnt work (this doesnt surprise me as something is obviously seriously wrong).
Its odd as I didnt have this issue when installing Alfresco a year ago. Also I am aware you can turn off case sensitivity in MySQL but this isnt mentioned anywhere as a requirement for Alfresco so I think I must have a deeper issue.
Any suggestions greatfully recieved,

thanks Andy.