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'linking'nodes - associations

Question asked by eg on Jun 27, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2009 by jm.pascal
I want to be able to "link" a node (node 1) to another node (node 2)  so that when I am navigating a tree structure and irrespective of whether I am at node 1 or at node 2 I see the same child nodes. I believe I would use peer-associations to do this but am not 100% sure and nor sure how I would set it up via webscripts.

Here is my scenario.

I have a company called C1. Company C1 has 2 products P1 and P2. ALL the documents that apply to P1 will also apply to P2. The company wants to have a hierarchical navigation model that looks like the awesome sketch below.

            /         \
          P1          P2
         /               \
      doc1              doc1
      doc2              doc2
      doc3              doc3
      doc4              doc4
        …                ….

Any help appreciated.