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Excel List editing, web query

Question asked by javaexcel on Jun 28, 2009

I'm new to the whole area.
in SharePoint (later "SP") I can open SP Lists in Excel, modify and synchronize back with the server.
The List could be Calendar, Tasks, etc
in SP I would go to e.g. "Tasks" then button "Action", and select "Manage in Excel" from the menu. Excel would open a Web Query (owssvr.IQY file) from the site and the query would get XML content from the server, which would look like a table with headers and rows. I can modify the cells, then click "Synchronize" and Excel would post the changes back to the SP server. Excel might prompt for conflict reconciling if another user modified the same data I modified in Excel.

My question would be: does Alfresco implement list editing in Excel/Access as well?